Meaning of name - Fun Apps for facebook

Meaning of name

What does your name mean? Everyone is unique and every name has unique meaning. Use this facebook app to know your name's meaning.

Best Match - Facebook Application

Best Match

Have you ever checked which celebrity could be your best match? Don't worry.

Killer - Facebook Application


One of the on screen villain is trying to kill you. Get ready for the action

Past life - Facebook Application

Your past life

Who were you in your past life? Do you know anything about previous birth? Find out

Photo Variations - Facebook Application

Photo Variations

Change your facebook profile to into different color. Your original photo with different colors of photos. Give a try

ID Card - Facebook Application

Facebook ID Card

ID card is used everywhere to identify a person. Why can't you generate your own facebook identity card?

My Age - Facebook Application

My Age

What is your age? You will answer to this question immediately. But you can only answer ...

My age - Fun Apps for facebook

My Age

Do you know your age in seconds? Find your age in minutes, seconds, hours, days, months and in weeks. Find the remaining days for your next birthday

Past life - Fun Apps for facebook

Past Life

Everyone has past life. Do you know your past life? Who were you in your past life? This app will let you know everything